All workshops will be taught by top international Balboa teachers. 

Choose between the following….


Aimed at intermediate and above dancers who like to take classes at a steadier pace in order to fully grasp all aspects taught. You will need to be confident leading/following a range of key moves on the social dance floor including throw out, out and ins, lollies, swivels, Texas Tommy.... You will need to have been attending regular Balboa classes for at least a year.

This class will be smaller than the advanced class so the teachers can give you more focused attention. We would like to encourage new intermediate Balboa dancers to come along to what might be their first (of many!) Balboa weekend at this level. You will be inspired, and with greater confidence, eager to attend more.


Geared towards intermediate plus to advanced level Balboa dancers who are keen to explore new material as well as improve technique and styling. You will need to be confident social dancing variations for all the above moves, and have danced Balboa regularly for at least 2 years. You will frequently attend Balboa dance camps and weekends at this level.

Sylvia doing Cholly Atkins Hitchhiker

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